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Why Choose YnotSMS?

Ynot SMS is a leading provider of Bulk SMS services & Marketing SMS services in India. Ynot SMS has been providing SMS based services for over 5 years. Ynot SMS is provider for customized SMS solutions, with clients ranging from big Corporate and Multi-National Companies, Small retail vendors and even individuals and students.
Nowadays rarely can we spot someone without a mobile phone. People are either talking over a mobile phone, or drafting/reading SMS, playing games, listening music, taking photos/videos, browsing net etc, thus making it an inevitable part of modern life.
We provide completely web based application so there is no need to download and install any software. Comprehensive, powerful and easy to use SMS platform.

  • Easily send smarter bulk SMS
  • 100% delivery report
  • Easy to use Bulk SMS Portal
  • Genuine DLR Reports
  • Support Premium 24/7/365

More than 1000+ active customers trust to us daily about 100000+ services.
Our Datacenters with more than 100+ servers have high availability redundant systems.